Newest Councilmen Get Update of City Projects

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The City of Los Fresnos continues to work on a number of projects as 2018 comes to its end.

City Manager Mark Milum provided the last update of the year as two new councilmen joined the administrative body following the November election that gave Joe Collinsworth and James Herrera their respective seats on the city council.

Milum said he wanted to inform the new councilmen where the city stands today.

On the water plant, he said the Public Works Department has sent a chlorine report as required by the Texas Water Development Board.

He said an engineering report shows how much money it will take to improve the wastewater plant, which will have to be done at some point as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires the city meets certain obligations.

During an earlier city council meeting Joe Muñoz, with Guzman & Muñoz Engineering & Surveying Inc., gave a detailed presentation about the project cost to make improvements to the wastewater and water plants.

Muñoz estimated the cost at $1.6 million to improve the city’s sanitary system at Highway 100, FM 1757 and Harvey Station Road as well as rehabilitating four life stations.

The cost for such project was put at more than $1.2 million plus about $361,000 in engineering fees.

Muñoz said the water treatment plant also needs improvements.

He gave a cost of $71,500 to improve the 128,000-gallon ground storage at the south tank and the 78,000 -gallon ground storage at the north tank.

Milum told the new commissioners they are looking for a grant and for a low interest loan to finance the projects.

The city’s water plant is more than 50 years old and the municipality spends about $150,000 every two years to remove sludge from the site.

Muñoz said they were contacted in 2016 by the county to conduct the study.

In other updates, the city manager said the Whipple Road project is coming along and property was annexed to allow more improvement there.

He said the city’s Nature Park is looking good and it will soon have $175,000 worth of playground equipment.

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  1. What about a future plan for a running path with sidewalks and lights, lots of people running at 5 am on 1575, highway 100, paredes and henderson

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