Funeral Home Plays Important Role in Community

Angel Lucy’s owner Cesar Ornelas, right, talks to guests invited to the luncheon. Courtesy photo

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Although the main function of a funeral home is to take care of burial needs, some of them get involved in the community more than others.

Angel Lucy’s is an example of that.

Its owners, Cesar and Belia Ornelas, have been hosting toy and shoe give aways to area children and youngsters since they opened the business more than a year ago.

And on Friday. Feb. 8, they invited area pastors and business people for a luncheon to inform them about the things they have done and will do for the community.

About 25 of them showed up and were treated to a full deal meal at the funeral home’s expense.

“We hosted the ministers and business folks from several cities,” Ornelas said. “We wanted to thank them for their support and, at the same time, inform them about what we do here.”

Just last year, Angel Lucy’s held a shoe giveaway and toys giveaway that benefitted thousands of youngsters.

Ornelas said some 1,000 children and youngsters showed up at the December toy give away and each of them was given the opportunity to pick six toys of their choice.

Each toy came in a box and weren’t the cheap type.

The same thing happened during the shoe give away as each recipient picked up brand name shoes such as Adidas, Nike and Converse.

Ornelas said they are already planning for next year’s giveaway and hope for an increase in children.

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