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Los Fresnos Teen Making an Impact in Wrestling

Roman Rodriguez holds 1st place trophy, Rodriguez weighing in at 120 lbs.

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Football is the Number 1 sport here in Los Fresnos and practically in every other Rio Grande Valley city.
But a local athlete is making headway in another sport that has been largely ignored by many school districts.

That’s wrestling.

And for Roman Rodriguez, it’s paying off.

The 16 year old teen has been winning trophy after a trophy from competing in the Valley and out of the region as well.

He said his biggest accomplishment in the three years he has been here has been taking the district champion title two weeks ago.

In Cameron County, only Los Fresnos and San Benito school districts have wrestling in their sport curriculum, but in Hidalgo County that is a different story.

Roman said he has been competing in Mission, Pharr and Rio Grande City.

Roman’s father, Robert, said he wishes wrestling becomes more popular as people hear more about it.

“There is a lot of talent down here,” he said. “But not too much motivation.”

He said his son began wrestling when he was 10 back in Indiana where they lived for many years.

The Rodriguez come from a family of wrestlers.

After moving to Los Fresnos, Roman began wrestling with the school team even though he also plays football, basketball and does cross country.

This Saturday, he is to compete in a semifinal competition in San Antonio where teams from all over

Texas will wrestle for spots in the finals.

After high school, Roman plans to pursue a degree in engineering.

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