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LFHS Top 10 Spotlight – Valedictorian Isis Delgado

Parents: Gabriel Delgado Jr. and Marlen Anaya

Siblings: Iris Delgado (12)

Previously: Lopez-Riggins Elementary School, Resaca Middle School

College: University of the Incarnate Word

Major: Biochemistry/Pre-Pharmacy

Inspiration: Both of my parents have pushed me to excel in my classes since elementary school. I was expected to do my best in school. Because I was also involved in extracurricular activities, my parents stressed that I would not be allowed to continue these activities if I performed poorly in school. This condition along with the desire to make my parents proud inspired me to be at the top of my class.

Study Habits: I have different study habits depending on the subject. For my science and math courses, I make outlines and read textbook chapters in preparation for my exams. When worst comes to worst, I watch YouTube videos over the content I am struggling with. For my medical courses, I make flashcards, and for my English and Social Studies courses, I either review my notes or read the chapter a few days before the exam. I prioritize these study habits and my homework assignments depending on how well I understand each subject. I plan at what time, what day, and how long each study session will take. As the years go by, I have given up valuable time throughout my days to keep up with my classes. This includes staying up late at night to complete homework, waking up early the next morning to finish reviewing, studying in between classes, and sometimes, if needed, skipping lunch to finish any homework or studying for the next class. Despite my many efforts to understand the content, I turn to available tutoring sessions to fully comprehend the material.

Plans after Undergraduate Degree: After my undergraduate degree, I wish to complete my doctoral degree in the Feik School of Pharmacy in the University of the Incarnate Word. After receiving my doctorate, I will take up a residency in oncology/research for two more years.

Career Plans: After my post-secondary education, I am looking forward to working for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in San Antonio. I want to dedicate my career and my knowledge to discovering and creating chemotherapies that are more efficient for leukemia patients.

Advice to Younger Students: I started focusing strongly on my academics since I was about 3 years old. I was enrolled in a Montessori school, and I was exposed to different styles of teaching and learned at my own pace. Thus, my thirst for learning grew, and I wanted to excel in each class I took. My advice for younger students at any age level is to not be discouraged when you do not understand the content right off the bat. You also do not have to enjoy every subject in school. High school merely gets your feet wet in the different subjects you can major in. However, for both situations, you need to dedicate and sacrifice your time for each class, some more than others, to achieve academic success. Discipline in your studies will prepare you for college, and you will not be hesitant to pursue your academic aspirations.

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