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LFHS EMT Students Take Part in Career Signing Day

by Ronnie Zamora/LFCISD

Three Los Fresnos High School seniors in the Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) program were the first from the school to take part in a belated Career Signing Day ceremony Wednesday.

The three – Angela de la Cruz Martinez, Tania Gomez and Kaitlyn Mata – completed their industry-based certifications. Martinez and Mata have been hired by Schlitterbahn South Padre Island and Gomez by the Boy Scouts of America to work as EMTs.

Emergency Medical Technician is on the Targeted Occupations List from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Pat Hobbs, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions Cameron, was on hand to congratulate the students.

“We have more demand for workers than we have skilled workers for positions,” Hobbs said. “The workforce framework has changed. There are no jobs for all of the four-year bachelor’s degrees that we are producing. It’s important that we change that mindset upon everybody that students select a career early in life that’s viable in the future.”

Ronnie Rodriguez, CTE Director, addressed the group about the signing. “It is a day where we celebrate the important decisions and commitment by high school students,” Rodriguez said. “They have chosen to join in-demand careers in targeted occupations directly from high school.”

Texas Career Signing Day is a new statewide initiative that builds on the concept of a signing day proclamation. It provides an opportunity for TWC to recognize and celebrate high-school students choosing to enter career pathways leading to in-demand careers in targeted occupations directly from high school.

Students move up and along a variety of career pathways including entry into the workforce as a result of completing career certifications towards targeted occupations, an applied learning opportunity like an internship or apprenticeship, a Career and Technical Education program, or a combination of all of the above.

Mata is the fourth-ranked academic student in the LFHS Class of 2019. She plans to attend Texas A&M University.

“I’m proud of these new EMTs,” Hobbs said. “They may start out as EMTs and finish as doctors.”

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