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Slowly but surely, normalcy is returning to Los Fresnos

Patrons have been showing up to dine in at some restaurants, such as this Dairy Queen, since they began reopening their dining rooms last week. Photo: Tony Vindell / LFN


Some things are returning to normal here in Los Fresnos, but it will take time before residents enjoy their lives as they are used to.

Retailers like Zarsky’s Lumber did not close its doors completely after the COVID-19 virus outbreak became a pandemic in early April, but others, including several restaurants and cafes, did close their doors to the dine-in customers.

The lumber company closed two hours earlier in the beginning but it’s now open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

But those with the local and chain gastronomy industry are still following their own instincts even though Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. lifted some restrictions, such as allowing restaurants to open, but at 25 percent capacity.

Julia’s Restaurant is one of the few that is now letting patrons go inside to eat. The business has seating for up to 200 people, but its owner, Julia Mancillas, is allowing the first 25 customers to grab a chair inside the premises saying that it’s better safe than sorry.

“Our employees are taking all the necessary precautions,” she said. “We also have sanitizers for anyone coming in.”

Mancillas said they are still taking orders to go – something which she said has been doing all right.

Meanwhile, at McDonald’s, the dine-in area won’t be reopened until late May or early June, and Parra’s Tamales is also still only taking to-go orders.
Dairy Queen opened its dine-in area on May 3 and is allowing 15.patrons at one time and not more than six per table.

Other eateries, including those that specialize in chicken wings such as Arnie’s and Wingstop, are only accepting take-out orders.

Taqueria El Cien on Highway 100 opened its doors in the dining area on May 7, and it’s letting the first 17 people to go inside, while Antojitos Mario is handling take-out and delivery.

Tapia’s Cafe is still closed but it will reopen this week.

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