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Miss Bitsy: Chapter 1

The Next Chapter

By Nandy Ekle

Detective Jeremy Dougan headed to the station for his first day on the job in the city. After finishing the academy and putting in his time as a patrol officer, he had returned to his home town. He finally had the career had had worked and planned for: working on the police force in his hometown as a detective. He walked into the office with a whistle on his lips and noticed a new case waiting on this rough wooden desk. Setting down his coffee, he opened the folder.
The police report told about a missing person, Anton Easley, last see getting into his car on July 20 on the Texas A&M University campus. He had told friends standing nearby that he planned to return to his residence to prepare for an upcoming chemistry exam. Jeremy had seen it before—an irresponsible college student suddenly decides he’s not bound to anyone and takes off without letting a soul know his plans. The last known residence of the uncaring boy sent shivers of surprise through his memory: 924 Ginger Street.
Jeremy smiled. Just reading the address caused saliva to gather in his mouth. Miss City’s address…. More than fifteen years had passed since he’d seen her. Several years earlier, Jeremy’s mother had passed on the news that Miss Bitsy’s husband, Uncle Eli as the neighborhood knew him, had passed away. About a year later the news came to Jeremy that she had taken on a boarder to help with her income.
He shoved the folder into his briefcase and headed for his car to visit with his very dear old friend and maybe score some of her famous cookies, scones, cakes, or whatever heavenly concoction had recently come out of her enchanted oven. The thought of her amazing caramel brownies suddenly sprang to mind and he had to fight to keep from running to the parking lot. Since leaving Ginger Street he’d never had anything like those caramel brownies.