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2021 Los Fresnos CISD Robotics Competition

1st Place Elm, The Terminators (LES) DSC-5848
1st place MS, The Boyz (RMS) DSC-5888

Los Fresnos CISD

The 2021-2022 TCEA Robotics Challenge game is titled, “Build: Widgets”.  This year’s competition involves teams designing a robot that will gather elements, build widgets, and move them to their scoring locations. There are 22 game elements available for each team to assemble widgets.

A widget is defined as a combination of 2, 3, 4, or 5 game elements that are connected together, but not touching a robot.  Matches consist of a 30-second autonomous period followed by a 90-second, driver-controlled period. During the 30-second autonomous period, robots will move on their own to accomplish predetermined tasks and earn points. At the end of the autonomous period, referees will pause the match and assess points before starting the 90-second, driver-controlled period. During the driver-controlled period, teams may remotely control their robot to accomplish tasks and earn points. At the end of the driver-controlled period, referees will again assess points and calculate the match scores.

The 2021-2022 TCEA Robotics Challenge is based on the LEGO brand Mindstorms robotics platform.  The TCEA’s mission is to improve teaching and learning through the use of computers and technology. 

Each year teams of students, sponsored by members of the TCEA, receive a set of challenge rules and specifications designed around a theme that varies from year to year.  Teams compete against one another in head-to-head competition through regional and state-level play. In addition to the LFCISD Competition, this year’s Area 1 Competition will be held on January 29 at Edinburg Robert Vela High School.

These competitions require long hours of preparation and plenty of teamwork.  We are grateful to have this opportunity to showcase the many talents of Los Fresnos CISD Robotics Club students and recognize that none of this would be possible without the extraordinary support of our exceptional parents and staff.

1st place HS, CTR-ALT-Defeat (LFHS) -DSC-5912