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Lady Falcon Krystal Perez Represents Los Fresnos One Last Time

Picture of Krystal Perez at STARS Softball showcase, photo taken by Andrew Cordero.

By Ruben Rodriguez

Los Fresnos News

Recently, Rio Sports Live Held its inaugural STARS Softball Showcase in Raymondville Texas. For the RGV Rebels, one star athlete represented the community of Los Fresnos. Krystal Perez, who graduated this past spring, was able to represent Los Fresnos on the diamond one last time.

Krystal Perez represented Los Fresnos and the Rio Grande Valley as a member of the RGV Rebels. Perez, also was the lone Lady Falcon at the Showcase. “I felt so honored being selected to play for the first-ever RSL STARS Showcase and being the only LF Player who was able to attend this event”, said Perez. “I was super excited to go out and represent my school and the Los Fresnos Community.”

Although being the inaugural STARS Showcase, many big names from across the Rio Grande Valley and Coastal Bend were featured in six star-studded teams. Perez on being among some of the best of the best in the showcase: “Just being able to compete against some of the best players in the region was great! Playing alongside some of them was an honor, it just shows how much softball is growing on this side of Texas.”

In the few weeks leading up to the showcase, The Rebels, as well as every other team were given opportunities to practice. With each team going up against the best players in the region, Perez and her team had to sharpen up their skills for the showcase. “During team practice, I just worked on the simple things to prepare for the tournament; by staying true to fundamentals on my field work, and staying true to mechanics with my batting.”

Perez, had twice the practice as not only was she just competing for the RGV Rebels, but was also selected to participate in the RSL STARS Home Run Derby. The Derby, which featured eight of the best Power Hitters in South Texas, included some big names like Iliana Saucedo, Lilly Rocha, Jo Montes, Alyssa Burge, Brookelynn Meador, Evelyn Valadez, and Ava Hernandez. “To even be considered as one of the top eight power hitters in South Texas is such an Honor and a blessing. To me, it means so much personally , because it shows a lot of the dedication and failures behind the scenes in my softball journey has paid off.”

Perez, who was more than deserving of being in the Home Run derby, displayed her hitting power through 2022 with a batting average of .641, 14 home runs, 46 RBIs, 12 Doubles and four triples. “I wouldn’t be here tonight without my dad and Coach Joey, who have helped me develop into the hitter that I am today.”

Perez fought her way through the final rounds of the Derby, where she faced off against Harlingen’s Lilly Rocha in a final round that certainly was the icing on the cake to an amazing derby. “It was just an amazing feeling making it into the final round, my mindset was just to keep everything simple and let everything that i’ve trained for take its course.’’ Perez and Rocha combined for 43 home runs in the final round alone. Perez belted 60 home runs out of the park alone during the derby.

A memorable weekend for every athlete, parent and everyone involved in the Inaugural STARS Showcase. From the opening matchup, to the derby, to the championship trophy being presented, the Showcase was filled with great moments and memories. Perez also shared some of her favorite memories and moments. “My Favorite moment was definitely competing in the home run derby, also having the chance to create new friendships and being able to play with a great group of talented girls.”

The 2022 RSL Homerun derby participants.