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Teen-Scape Program a hit in Los Fresnos

Teens enjoy movie night at Ethel Whipple Memorial Library

By Ruben Rodriguez
Los Fresnos News

After a long day of school, students look to find multiple ways to relax, and rest from the stresses of class, assignments, quizzes and so on. At Los Fresnos High School, The Teen-Scape program is one of those ways to unwind and have a great time.

Taking place at the Ethel L. Whipple Memorial Library from 5:30 to 7:30, the Program is becoming a popular option for students to connect with their classmates outside of school. “The Program aims to provide a safe space for teens to have fun, be creative, learn new skills, connect with other teens, and fuel their passions in and out of the library” said Iris Garcia.

One of the students designs

A lot of exciting activities occur at the Teen-Scape Program. “At our first meeting, the teens made tye-dye T-Shirts. During the first week of school, we hosted a movie night” said Garcia. “In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month in September, we will be having a cooking class. The Students will be making Tortillas.” said Garcia.

Teen-Scape has been making a dominant impact on the after school activities scene in Los Fresnos, but how did it come to be? “The idea came about during an appreciation luncheon we were having for all of our teen volunteers,” said Garcia. “I saw the need for a program that targeted that age group and their interests.”

The Teen-Scape program meets at the Ethel L. Whipple Memorial Library.

Teens put rubber bands around shirt for their personal designs