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Los Fresnos 9/11 Ceremony

From Left to Right – Cole Petta, Dallas Petta, Benjamin Guerrero, Cruz Rodriguez, Lucy Trejo

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

On Sunday, September 11, the City of Los Fresnos held a memorial service. The event held a good crowd there at Memorial Park.

Boy Scout Troop 61 and 161 both attended and contributed to the ceremony. The senior leader for the Girl Scout troop, 351 presented with reciting the girl scout promise. Also in attendance was the Civil Air Patrol out of Brownsville, which helped in presenting the Flag during the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the Mayor was unable to attend, but representing the City, the City Manager, Mark Milum was in attendance.

Scout Master, Eric Guerrero shares, “Scouts from Troop 61, 161, Pack 61 and GS 351 gathered together to honor all those who played an important role during the 9/11 catastrophe. The scouts worked hard to learn their respective roles and did their best to keep the yearly memorial event going strong.”
The scout leaders who made this happen were: Abel Trejo, Ada Trevino, Alida Trevino, Carlos Rodriguez, Juan Gomez, and Diane Baker. With the honorable mention of troop 61 scout master Terrance Schraut.
Mark Milum:

“The 911 Memorial Event was a few moments to remember the events of September 11, 2001, that had a tremendous impact on our country. It was a time to reflect on those that lost their lives and the many that lost loved ones and how it directly impacted our entire country. It’s important to remember and be thankful we live in the great country we live in and to continue to fight for the freedoms we enjoy. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts did a great job producing the 911 Memorial event on Sunday evening. It is a great event because the young folks handled the entire event. These kids were not even alive to experience 911 so for them to put on an event in memory of it is awesome!”

Eric Guerrero, and Carlos Gomez