Los Fresnos News

A Thrilling Win

Los Fresnos defeats PSJA in a non-district thriller

By Ruben Rodriguez
Los Fresnos News

After the week two loss against PSJA North, The Los Fresnos Falcons geared up to take on a 31-6A foe in PSJA. Looking to bounce back from the loss in week two, The Falcons were ready for the challenge against PSJA in Week Three. The Bears, who have lost their first two games of the season, were getting ready for their first win.

Los Fresnos took control early, scoring a touchdown in the first quarter. Los Fresnos played great defense, limiting the Bears to only a field goal. The Bears matched the Falcons on defense, limiting the Falcon offense to one touchdown in the First Quarter.

The offense stole the show in the second quarter as both the Bears and Falcons. The PSJA Bears scored first. On the next offensive series, Los Fresnos would respond and score a touchdown to lead 13-10. Again offense continued for the best, scoring another touchdown on their next drive to lead 17-14. In the last minute of the first half, Los Fresnos picked up a touchdown to lead 21-17 at the half.

Los Fresnos received the ball to start off the second half. Wasting no time, the Falcons scored first in the third quarter. PSJA again got a quick response as another Touchdown for the Bears made it 28-24.

Defense took over in the remainder of the third quarter as both teams were limited to one touchdown.
The Fourth Quarter Came around and Los Fresnos again played an aggressive defense. Forcing a turnover on downs. PSJA continued their offensive momentum from the first half, scoring a touchdown to take the lead 30-28. Another Field goal came for the Bears before Los Fresnos scored a touchdown to win 36-33.

The full game can be watched here.