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Rotary Recognizes the Students of the Month

Olivia Parra; Principal, Justin Stumbaugh; and Thomas Sandoval

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

Two students from Los Fresnos High were recognized by the Rotary club and given a certificate and a gift card. Principal, Justin Stumbaugh is a part of Rotary and brings along two students every month to have them share a little about themselves. Last week Olivia Parra and Thomas Sandoval were Representative Athletes; sharing some of their goals after high school and memories they’ve made.

Olivia Parra is a senior and says she’s planning to go to Texas A&M. Parra plays both Volleyball & Basketball, being a very active athlete. Olivia shares her plan to pursue Dentistry.

Thomas Sandavol shared his passion for football. He shared that one of his fondest moments was playing a game against San Antonio, though it was a tough battle and they did not come out with the win, Sandavol shares it was a great experience and will always remember that game and his team that stood by his side. Sandavol says he plans to attend Texas A&M but is still undecided about what exactly he wants to pursue.

Rotary Club, LFCISD, and the Newspaper all wish these students the best of luck in their future aspirations.
The Rotary Club of Los Fresnos recognizes two LFHS Seniors once a month as their ‘Students of the Month’. Rotary says in a Facebook post that “It was a privilege to have them as our Guest Speakers at our club meeting.”