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Keep on Rolling

Los Fresnos collects 2 straight wins

By Ruben Rodriguez
Los Fresnos News

The Los Fresnos Lady Falcons have been on tear throughout 32-6A competition. Now with a District record of 7-1, the Lady Falcons have gotten two big wins over Weslaco and Brownsville Hanna in Sweep Fashion.

Los Fresnos took on Weslaco on a Saturday matchup. Set one had a solid offense between Weslaco and Los Fresnos. The Lady Falcons then broke away and captured set one 25-16. Set two was captured by Los Fresnos off strong offense to propel the Lady Falcons past Weslaco 25-10. Set three was led by Los Fresnos in the late stages after Weslaco led in the early stages. Los Fresnos would win 25-18 to get the sweep over Weslaco.

Heading into Tuesday’s matchup, Los Fresnos took on Brownsville Hanna. Set one was dominated by Los Fresnos, who captured the win 25-17. Set two again was controlled by Los Fresnos, who won 25-14. Brownsville Hanna played a tougher offense and led a while in set three before Los Fresnos again took control on offense and defense to win 25-21.

The Lady Falcons improved to 7-1. With two more games left in the regular season, Los Fresnos will take on San Benito and Harlingen. Los Fresnos lost to Harlingen three weeks ago, in which the Lady Falcons suffered their first district loss to Harlingen. Los Fresnos and Harlingen are the two front runners who may determine the 32-6A District title.