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Ethel Whipple Memorial Library has Dia del Niño Celebration!

Library staff enjoy raspas with author, Eliza M Garza during the Dia del Nino Celebration

Emilio Flores

On Friday, April 28, 2023 Ethel Whipple Memorial Library alongside the City hosted an event called “Día del Niño | Día del Libro” at the Los Fresnos City Park. The Library shares it simply wouldn’t have been possible without everyone coming together.

“Día” or better known as El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros. “Día” is an American Library Association event where libraries across America celebrate children and literacy, and embrace and honor a child’s home language and culture!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Iris Garcia, the head of the Children’s Department at Ethel Whipple Memorial Libray says that Friends of the Library prepped, and cut all the fruit, and made all the fruit cups the morning of the event.

Garcia says, “The teens from our Teen-Scape program prepared all the goodie bags for the volunteers and participants. Both the Friends of the Library and the Teen-Scape teens also helped us throughout the event! We love them!”

This event held some special guests. This year the library invited the Dora Romero Elementary’s Folklorico group to perform. Garcia says, “They did a beautiful job,” Garcia also says they invited local South Texas author, Eliza Garza, to share her book ‘Raspas con Mi Grandpa’ during a special storytime.

Author, Eliza M Garza read her book “Raspas con Mi Grandpa.” According to Google Books, Raspas Con Mi Grandpa is a cultural book for children. A South Texas tribute to a traditional treat familiar to many countries and cultures – the raspa! Each page is full of fun and vibrant illustrations that embody the adventure of childhood and teach children a dual language. This title is a great introduction for monolingual children that are curious about learning a new language. It is a treasure box of discovery that will empower bilingual kids, complete with a glossary of Spanish and Spanglish words with English translations, this book will leave your child wanting to learn more!

Author, Eliza M Garza read her book “Raspas con Mi Grandpa.”

Los Fresnos News asked Iris Garcia how she found out about the local author, “I had read an article about her back in August or September, and the title of her book caught my attention right away. The book “Raspas con Mi Grandpa” is a Spanglish story and I love how it instantly makes that connection with all of us through raspas! Who doesn’t love raspas in the valley?! Ms. Garza promotes dual literacy and inspires young readers to own their individuality, so when it came down to planning for Día I knew she would be perfect for it.”

Kids listen in to story time led by Author, Eliza M Garza reading her book “Raspas con Mi Grandpa”

During the event the library had book giveaways. “With the help from our LFCISD Family Engagement friends, we were able to give away about 300 books!” Garcia says. Those books were placed in the LFCISD Literacy Bus where the kids were able to get on and pick the book of their choice.

Garcia says “We specifically chose popular titles like ‘Pete the Cat’, Mo Williems books, ‘Bad Guys’, “Big Nate”, and others. It was a whole experience, like going into a bookstore– the children loved it! They also received a bookmark with a free kid’s meal from Texas Roadhouse.

The Ethel Whipple Memorial Library says the event was truly a team effort.

“We are so grateful to all the volunteers, organizations, and agencies for their support and contributions. Special thanks to LFCISD Family Engagement, City of Los Fresnos Public Works, LF Police Dept, Wal-Mart, A&V Lopez Supermarket, Olmito Community Church, Triumph Public Schools, and K&R Boutique. Also to all the LFCISD student volunteers! You are golden.”

The Mayor shares, “Thank you to the wonderful residents of Los Fresnos for celebrating Dia de los Ninos with us. Your presence made the event even more special and we are grateful for your support.”