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Coach Montero Takes Title as New Head Coach for Lady Falcon Soccer Team

Emilio Flores

Los Fresnos, TX – Los Fresnos CISD’s Athletic Department has announced Coach Jessica Montero as the new head coach for the Lady Falcon Soccer Team. Coach Montero, who previously served as the top assistant under Coach Luna, has stepped into the leadership role with enthusiasm and determination.

Coach Montero has outlined her goals for the team, both in the summer months and the upcoming school year. During the summer, her focus is on keeping the players active and physically conditioned. She aims to enhance their strength, both physically and mentally, to ensure they are athletically fit, possess endurance, and minimize the risk of injuries. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a strong mindset, Coach Montero aspires for her players to approach every game and practice with an “I want this!” mentality, fueled by drive, passion, and dedication.

To support these objectives, the Lady Falcon Soccer Team is actively participating in summer leagues. Currently, they are engaged in the Brownsville summer league, which runs until July 26th. Additionally, Coach Montero says the team has recently begun competing in the Harlingen summer league, concluding on July 25th. These summer leagues not only provide opportunities for the players to stay active and maintain their skills but also foster a sense of camaraderie and bonding among the team members on and off the field. This aspect is particularly beneficial for incoming freshmen and new players, helping them integrate into the team and establish connections with their teammates.

The appointment of Coach Montero has generated excitement within the Los Fresnos CISD community. The Athletic Department expressed their confidence in her leadership, recognizing the passion and expertise she brings to the position. With Coach Montero at the helm, the Falcon Family is eager to witness the team’s growth and accomplishments in the upcoming soccer season.

Los Fresnos CISD’s Athletic Department tweets, “Congratulations to Coach Jessica Montero as she takes over as head coach for our Lady Falcon Soccer Team!” They added, “Our Falcon Family is excited about the leadership Coach Montero will bring!”