Los Fresnos News

Los Fresnos Livestock Showing

Makayla Medina
(blue sweater)
Hogs and lamb
Second year showing
2nd in the lamb show
In elementary they showed electives, and Medina loved animals!
“It’s always something I wanted to do but I didn’t know I could do at such a young age”

Crystal Torres
(red hoodie)
10th grade
Showing for 5years now
Lambs and pigs
1st in lamb showing and reserved breed champion
So far it’s been really good
Planning to also be at the Mercedes livestock showing

Sarah Garcia
(blue shirt)
10th grade
7 years showing
Hogs and Cattle
4th in Cattle
“Met alot of new people… this is my first year showing Cattle is something I’d do for several years ahead.”

Vaniah Rodriguez
(light blue shirt)
10th grade
3rd year showing
Black heifer and steer
“Went pretty good. I place reserved division champion with my heifer and first place with my steer.”
Part of the Los fresnos ffa officer team, the secretary.

Miranda Fajardo
(green jacket)
8 years showing
Showed Cattle this year
2nd and reserved champion in Cattle
“Ive been showing Cattle since 6th grade”
She’s thanks her parents for all there support and everything they do for her.