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Let the Rodeo Begin!

Larry Cantu Crowning Bailey Helmer this year’s Rodeo Queen. Photo taken by TJ Tijerina

The Los Fresnos Rodeo had a special dinner Thursday evening with all the committee, City, Chamber and all that make the Rodeo possible. Los Fresnos Rodeo Chairman, Larry Cantu, started the night off in remembrance of some of the Rodeo members that contributed so greatly to making this Rodeo happen.

Mike Todd has was the previous Rodeo Chairman and had been a Los Fresnos Rodeo member for 31 years. “We miss Todd” Jim McClain says. “Just a really big loss… Because he was part of our family too.”

Also in remembrance, McClain mentions that this week would have been Brenda Crowder’s Birthday. Brenda Crowder was the Rodeo’s previous Secretary. McClain states that “She’s more than a secretary, she’s a model to everyone that ‘Rodeo’s’…” McClain says that every year they always celebrated her birthday together. The Rodeo committee wore bandanas with Mike Todd and Brenda Crowder’s favorite colors in honor of them. Purple was Brenda’s favorite and blue was Mike’s.

And in spite of the struggle it has been, losing some loved ones, and being forced to quarantine last year, the rodeo is back, and ready to ride!

McClain says “It’s so good to be back down here.” “In spite of all the things that are going on out there in the world, this committee comes together, this town comes together… and they make it(The Rodeo) happen!”

That’s why this is the BIGGEST LITTLE RODEO in Texas!

Also taking place was a recognition of last year’s Rodeo Queen! Due to the Pandemic, Celeste Villareal didn’t get the proper ceremony that comes with being the Rodeo Queen, but Mary Vasquez didn’t forget.

Both Jerry and Mary coordinate and organize the Rodeo Queen competition, and Mary explained to Los Fresnos News that she had to make sure that both last year’s 2021 Rodeo Queen and this year’s Rodeo Queen, Bailey Helmer, both got the recognition they deserve. So, Thursday night was a special moment for both Rodeo Queens. They both received a gift basket, a bouquet of flowers, and money to help pay for college all through their generous sponsors. A very special moment for these young girls still in Highschool.

Photo taken by TJ Tijerina

In closing, Chairman, Larry Cantu, took a special moment to address the fact that the Los Fresnos Rodeo almost lost another dear committee member of theirs, George Gomez. George Gomez has been a part of the Los Fresnos Rodeo for 33 years, but two years ago Cantu explains that Mr. Gomez had a heart attack just two weeks before the Rodeo in 2020. It was a very scary time, and it’s taken some time to recover, but as Chairman Cantu says “He has come back! working day in and day out…” Cantu makes the remark that Gomez leaves them in the dust with the amount he contributes and with that, they awarded him with a plaque for “The Biggest Little Heart in Texas”.

Rodeo Chairman, Larry Cantu awarding George Gomez with “The Biggest Little Heart in Texas” Photo taken by TJ Tijerina.