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LFHS Students Accepted to NASA Internship

Highschool Students at Los Fresnos CISD were Accepted to a NASA Internship at UT-Austin

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

After three months, ten Los Fresnos Highschoolers were surprised to find they were chosen as part of the top ten percent of students accepted into this year’s NASA & STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) internship program. This internship collaborates with The University of Texas Center for Space Research; giving students new opportunities!

(L-R) Diego Loa, Addyson Vega, Sebastian Centeno, Isaac Kuntz, Daniel Trujillo, Michael Ramirez, Ignacio Duran

“Interns will learn how to interpret NASA satellite data while working with scientists and engineers in their chosen area of work.” says Texas Space Grant Consortium’s website, whose goal is to help more Texans participate in some of NASA’s missions to improve life on earth, extend life beyond our planet, and explore the universe.

The Internship is supported by TSGC and UT/CSR where interns will complete distance learning modules prior to July 1, they will work remotely with project mentors from July 1st to the 15th. The on-site internship will be from July 16th through the 30th. Housing, meals, and local transportation will be provided for Interns as well.

According to the letter that was sent to each of the interns, they chose from a whopping 800 applicants, and out of that only 80 interns were chosen.

Gil Gomez says, “Whatever you write about this grand opportunity for these students, it can’t go without mentioning the following people: Mr. Victor De Los Santos, Executive Director of South Texas Astronomical Society, Phil Donuas, and Maria Fernanda Martinez, both members of STAS, and who were instrumental in mentoring these students in the application process and ultimately, their acceptance.”

Picture of Michelle Alcala, one of the ten students selected

Gomez thanks Mr. Fernando Martinez, the Head Custodian at LFU and father of Maria Fernanda Martinez, who “Gave me ‘the little glowing ember’ that there was an opportunity for students at LFCISD about a NASA internship.” He says, “You see…(If) he hadn’t told me about the opportunity, the call to his daughter may have never happened.”

Now here are some of the responses from the students that got accepted:
Highschool Sophomore, Isaac Kuntz, says “When the results came in, I was truly astonished to be chosen from the top 10% of applicants for this internship. I am eager to work with my team of rising STEM students, and I’m especially excited to work with renowned NASA engineering and science professionals!” Kuntz shares his plans after High School saying, “I am planning to attend a university with a major in engineering and a minor in piano. I am still exploring different engineering disciplines; I will determine and pursue my favorite discipline in college after plenty of exploration.”

In closing he thanks his Los Fresnos United Engineering Teacher Mr. Gomez for “bringing this opportunity to my attention” and also says thanks to the South Texas Astronomical Society for helping him through the application process.
He says “I am truly grateful and appreciative for this incredible opportunity! Thank you, everyone, including NASA, very much, and go Generation Artemis!”

Highschool Sophomore, Daniel Trujillo says “I feel so happy that i was accepted as one of the top 10% for this internship and really hope to learn and have fun working with classmates and NASA engineers.” He says “I am really looking forward to working with NASA engineers.”

When asked what Trujillo hopes to learn from this internship, he says, “Well since this is related with space science and physics engineering, I hope to learn how the engineer’s design and built the spacecrafts to help endure the tough conditions of space.” Trujillo says he plans to get an engineering degree to become a diesel engineer. He says “Since this is related to engineering, especially with diesel engines, this internship will help me reach my goal of becoming a diesel engineer”