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Rotary Helps Distribute Turkeys for the Holidays

Rotary club member alongside to help Los Fresnos School district pass out turkey plates
President, Martin Magallan beside Mrs. Claudia Medina, the Family Engagement Coordinator for Los Fresnos’ School District

Emilio Flores
Los Fresnos News

On November 16th, the Rotary Club of Los Fresnos helped pass out turkey plates for families during the holidays. In total, about 800 plates were served for families, student volunteers, and communities, such as Los Fresnos Pantry Families along with other groups as well. Martin Magallan, the current Los Fresnos Rotary President, shares that they were honored to be a part of the cause help.

Mrs. Claudia Medina LFCISD Family Engagement Coordinator shares, “This is a Beautiful event where a combination of partners come together to provide a gesture of appreciation and joy for different families as well as the Community.”

“The Los Fresnos CISD Family Engagement Department works diligently and wholeheartedly in supporting students and families throughout the school year. Our goal is to build and grow home-school-community relationships so we become a great team and together enhance student achievement and well-being!”
Magallan says, “I would like to thank our members and Interact students for participating. This event is one that we supported for the last 4 years and look forward to supporting in years to come.”

Members of Rotary Club (from L-R) Elisa Moreno, Darlene Peterson, Gabriela Fernandez, and Kayla Trevino