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Los Fresnos HS Law Enforcement Team Advances to State

The Los Fresnos High School Falcon Law team will advance twenty-three students to the Texas Public Safety Association State Conference. The students competed at the Southwest Regional competition in La Feria. They were awarded medals for their top three performances in eighteen events over five divisions.
Falcon Law is one of 13 Career and Technical Student Organizations available as part of the Los Fresnos CISD CTE department. Under the LFHS/LFU Law Enforcement Program of Study, students receive first-hand experience with what is needed to work in the criminal justice field. Students are able to earn industry-based certifications that will help them be prepared for post-secondary opportunities and become college and career ready.

“We are not only serving our community, we are building it by producing future leaders,” said Sherrell Quintero, instructor and sponsor for Falcon Law and Law Enforcement at LFHS/LFU.
The following are the students advancing to the TPSA State Conference to be held April 2-6, 2023 in Allen, TX:

Law Enforcement Division:
· Building Search 1st – Jose Torres, Abigail Pena, Justin Gutierrez, Ricardo Hinojosa (LFU-10th)
· Foot Pursuit 1st – Destiny Flores
· Crash Investigation 1st –Yohanelly Oliver, Marianna Larrasquitu, Luz Beas
· SWAT – 2nd – Ethan Salazar, Justin Guiterrez, Jose Torres, Ricardo Hinojosa, Abigail Pena, and Jorge Garcia
· Fingerprinting Collection/Analysis-
· 1st Ashley Salazar 2nd – Ayleen Zamarippa
· Traffic Stop – 1st Ayleen Zamarripa 2nd Elisha Diemes
· Police Agility Female 2nd – Jocelyn Oviedo
· 911 Call Taking 1st Marianna Larrasquitu 2nd Savannah Torres
· Disturbance Call 2nd Yohanelly Oliver, Jasmine Rivera
· Felony Traffic Stop 1st Jenibelle Leal, Savannah Torres, Nyssa Valdez, Mia Garcia

Forensics Division:
· Crime Scene Investigation 2nd Jorge Garcia, Genesis Lopez, Destiny Flores

Courts Division:
· Closing Argument 2nd – Jenibelle Leal
· Qualifying a Witness 1st – Benicio Acuna

Corrections Division:
· Inmate Processing – 1st Benicio Acuna, 2nd Genesis Lopez, 3rd Nyssa Valdez
· Cell Extraction 1st – Ethan Salazar, Edgar Ochoa, Jovanna Balboa, Jasmine Rivera, Frank Santos, Yireh Moreno

Firefighter Division:
· Fire Agility Female 1st Yireh Moreno
· Fire Agility Male – 3rd Frank Santos
· First Responder – 1st Mia Garcia