Los Fresnos News

Corpus Christi Round Robin

Special to LFN

We are thrilled to announce the extraordinary success of our Taekwondo team at the Corpus Christi Round Robin tournament held on Saturday, November 4th,2023.

Our dedicated athletes put in their best efforts and brought home an impressive collection of medals!
Three of our talented martial artists secured the top position in their respective divisions, earning them three well-deserved 1st place medals, one 2nd place and three 3rd place medals.

Their hard work, discipline, and determination truly paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants who showcased their dedication and sportsmanship throughout the tournament. The countless hours of training, sweat, and perseverance they put into their practice is truly commendable.

A special thanks goes out to our Master Agmed Gonzalez and assistant instructor Georgina Gonzalez who have guided and mentored the team, enabling them to reach new heights with their martial arts skills.
We would like to recognize the unwavering support of our parents, families, and friends who have cheered and encouraged our athletes every step of the way. Your enthusiasm creates an atmosphere of motivation and inspiration that drives our team to excel.

This tournament has been a testament to the spirit and camaraderie of our Taekwondo community.
Keep up the dedication, perseverance, and discipline, and we look forward to celebrating many more victories together in the future. Well done, team!